Making transactions easier, transparent and convenient is the backbone of every business. MyTicketGH provides digital transformation tools for players who are involved, or who want to be involved in selling their tickets online. To deliver value, we provide players with a wide range of solutions. With our dynamic approach to challenges, MyTicketGH is ready to transform Africa’s E-Ticketing industry and thereby creating value for our users and customers, starting with Ghana!


Our dynamic team that consists of multiple nationalities from different disciplines has the commitment to make the mission of the company a reality. With only being live for about two years, MyTicketGH already processes more than 2000 transactions a day within Ghana’s mobility sector. Read more about our team members below.

Younes Douari – Managing Director

Younes has a great passion for start-ups, urban mobility and IT solutions. It was for these reasons Younes decided to commit and invest in to MyTicketGH’s mission. Younes was born in the Netherlands and has a very straightforward mentality. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to found several start-ups and be successful in different areas. But his passion for everything that has to with access to mobility services made him decide to fully focus on MyTicketGH.

Philip Djokoto – Chief Technology Officer

Philip has been on MyTicketGH’s side since day one. Philip single handedly developed the MyTicketGH platform and digital report software for transport operators. His skills in front and back end development as well as UX design and dedication to the company have sincerely contributed to the current status of the company.

Ebenezer Anangfio – UI Designer

Ebenezer has the name of being a ‘translator’. He translates ideas, visions and strategy into design and user interface. With experience in web development, Ebenezer started to be more and more interested in the interaction between user and the design of the product or service, especially in the application and website sphere. Ebenezer has earned his accolades with numerous projects and business. His recent work rebranding the website of MyTicketGH.com could be considered as one of his highlights.

Ambrose Bako – Android Developer

Ambrose is our Android engineer who is responsible for all our Android based applications and systems. The energetic Nigerian developer has quite some years of experience in writing software and contributes to the team value with a lot of energy.

Emmanuel Fache – Web Developer

Emrade is our second Nigerian team member. The front end engineer is responsible for translating the UI into a working system. Emrade is known for being calm and his sensitive music taste, something we cannot say about our other Nigerian team member.

Isaac Nabil – Systems Administrator

Nabil makes sure our system is well managed and monitored. Being the youngest member of our team, he is perceived as the prodigal son of the company.

Richmond Worlanyo Dzeamesi – Marketer

Our marketing whiz Richmond, makes sure the word on the street is MyTicketGH. His contacts within Ghana’s media landscape has truly been adding value to our marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to connect Richmond if you are looking to do events using our platform. Richmond is always opens for new opportunities and will help you out.